WI Land+Water is a membership organization for county land and water conservation departments (LWCD) and land conservation committees (LCC) and our conservation partners, including other governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and private citizens. You can become a member of WI Land+Water as either a county member or an associate member.

Member Counties

Counties that pay the annual dues allow for LWCD staff and LCC supervisors within the county to become members of the association, are provided all association services, privileges, and voting rights.

As a member of WI Land+Water, your county receives numerous benefits and can help lead the direction of land and water conservation across the state. We appreciate and value all of our counties contributions to build a thriving hub for local conservation.

Article III of the WI Land+Water Bylaws states that voting membership shall be open to county LCC supervisors and LWCD staff operating under the authorities granted in Chapter 92 WI Statutes. The WI Land+Water Board of Directors annually establishes association member dues amounts based on the amount needed to support the activities of the association and maintain a reserve. The association notifies each county of annual dues assessments by May 1 of each year.

Individual County Members

We also offer a membership option for LCC supervisors or LWCD staff in non-member counties. Any individual LCC supervisor or county department staff of a non-member county may become an individual member by paying the "Individual Member" fee. All association services are available to individual members at member costs, but they have no voting rights at annual meetings. Individual members may participate and vote on other WI Land+Water activities, including committees.

County Area Associations

Wisconsin counties belong to one of eight area associations that share common resource concerns. Your area association is the place where your staff and supervisors can find out how neighboring counties are addressing issues. It's where you elect representatives to the WI Land+Water Board of Directors and nominate representatives to the State Land and Water Conservation Board. If you feel like you are on an island, then the area association is one way to get solutions to problems that are common to your neighbors. Dues and other business are determined by each individual area association. Please contact your area association chair to learn more.