State Land and Water Conservation Board

The State of Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Board (LWCB) is housed within the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) and advises DATCP and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Chapters 92 and 281.65 of the Wisconsin statutes further delineate the LWCB’s program authorities and responsibilities.

The LWCB is composed of three state agency leaders; one Governor-appointed member that serves a two-tear term; four Governor-appointed members representing urban, rural, river management and natural resource preservation areas; and three of our county land conservation committee members.

Holding Elections

In even-numbered years, WI Land+Water elects three members to serve on the state LWCB. Each Area Association is encouraged to nominate one candidate to serve on the LWCB. Each LWCB candidate nominated by an Area Association must submit his or her name and a one page biography or resume to the WI Land+Water office.

The next election will be held at the March 2022 annual conference, with the term to begin January 2023.

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Your State Land and Water Conservation Board Representatives

Bob Mott

Oneida County

Michael Hofberger

Calumet County

Monte Osterman

Racine County