About Us

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, membership organization that supports the efforts of around 450 land conservation committee supervisors and 370 conservation staff in Wisconsin's 72 county land and water conservation departments.

At Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association (WI Land+Water), we are dedicated to advancing locally led conservation by supporting our county conservation members who work to protect, conserve, and enhance the state’s land and water resources. Our mission centers around empowering the dedicated staff working in land and water conservation departments (LWCD), alongside elected officials serving on land conservation committees (LCC) in each of Wisconsin's 72 counties. Locally led conservation lies at the heart of our work, and we believe communities should take an active role in conserving our natural resources. This involves recognizing the vital role of local knowledge, engagement, and decision-making in shaping and implementing effective conservation practices. Our approach emphasizes the importance of the county staff and elected officials who provide the boots-on-the-ground expertise and assistance to the communities they serve.  

Our primary focus is to enhance the ability of our member counties to operate high-functioning, professional conservation programs that benefit Wisconsin’s land and water resources. By focusing on enhancing county capacity, we aim to strengthen and improve these capabilities, ensuring more impactful conservation programs and a higher return on investment. Through these efforts, we foster a strong connection within the broader conservation community to build a network of state and federal agencies, partner organizations, and individuals who are collectively committed to protecting Wisconsin's natural resources. Together, we can build a better future. 

Our Mission

We empower our county conservation members to protect, conserve, and enhance Wisconsin’s natural resources for current and future generations. 

Our Vision

We envision a future where our natural resources are valued and protected by informed, empowered communities advancing locally led conservation.

Our Values

Local Leadership: We develop, learn from, and celebrate on-the-ground leaders; we are strengthened by their geographic diversity and experience.

Pragmatism: We promote practical solutions to complex conservation challenges based on sound science; we balance environmental protection with the economic realities of farming and other small businesses.

Partnership: We seek collaboration with partners that amplify the impact of our work.

Professionalism: We strive for exceptional public service and maintain a high standard.

Efficiency: We represent an economical yet effective investment in conservation.

Education: We value a knowledgeable membership and an informed public.

Advocacy: We firmly believe a strong economy relies upon a clean environment.

Learn more about our goals in our 2024-2029 Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan

Our Conservation Community

LWCD & LCC Members

Boots-on-the-ground conservationists and county supervisors across Wisconsin, working to conserve our land and protect our water.

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Board of Directors

Sixteen elected members, setting strategic direction, managing finances, and serving as ambassadors for county conservation.

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Area Associations

Eight area associations, representing the interests of Wisconsin's diverse geographical regions

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Eight committees composed of WI Land+Water members and agency partners, addressing a range of important conservation issues

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We work with numerous partner agencies and organizations across the state and nationally. We appreciate their diverse views of conservation as well as their collaboration.

We work most closely with our state and federal agency partners that provide our members the support needed to implement conservation programs in their communities. 

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