Opportunities to Improve Drinking Water

Our best tool for providing clean, safe drinking water is to protect the source.

Work with landowners, public health, agency partners, and municipalities to implement plans and ensure all well owners have access to clean water.

Source Water Protection and Wellhead Protection

Though similar and often complementary, a source water protection plan includes a wider area that considers land and potential contaminant pathways to the water source.

A wellhead protection plan is intended for public drinking water wells to ensure the contributing area to the well is protected.

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Source Water Protection

Prevent contaminants from entering drinking water sources through a Source Water Protection Plan and integrate groundwater protection into a watershed plan.

Visit DNR Source Water Protection Program

Wellhead Protection Plan

Work with a municipal well to support their wellhead protection plan and prevent contaminants from entering the public water system. Reach out to your local water utility to learn about their plan.

Connect with Rural Water Association

Support Wellhead Protection Plans Through Ordinances

Often, a municipal well may reside outside of the city limits. This can make it more challenging to protect the wellhead area. By establishing an ordinance, counties can expand protections and promote safe drinking water.

Example Wellhead Protection Ordinances

Supporting land management changes for drinking water protection

Options for providing clean, safe drinking water

Land management changes are the best, long-term solution to providing clean, safe drinking water. Sometimes, there are easy solutions on the land that can be remediated. Other times, it's not easy or fast to provide relief to private well owners.