Check out what happens at camp with Haylie (Kyren) Tyler who journaled about the experience!

At Camp, I learned many helpful life skills. I learned about land conservation and wildlife. I gained education about loons and there breeding habits, their anatomy, and their eating habits. I learned about banding birds, how it helps science and it gives very useful information so we can better help the birds. The bands give information about migration, behavior, life-span and survival rate. Bird banding also provides information about reproductive success and population growth. I also learned about reptiles and amphibians. I learned about their life span their food intake. I learned about why they have their shell and about the capabilities that come with having a shell.

I learned about bees and there pollinating abilities and their very important effect on other wildlife. I made a Mason Bee House which I did donate to the camp. I learned about mushrooms and fungi and their medicinal uses. I learned that fungi are bacteria that is inside the ground and that the mushrooms are like flowers. I also learned that the fungi bacteria are everywhere and can cover a very large amount of land. I learned that there is a way of farming that is more traditional and that has many different types of plants and animals that all work together to create peace. I learned that everything has a purpose even if it seems unimportant or even bad. There is a reason for it being in nature. That everything effect the ecosystem and they all work together to create balance and harmony.

I learned how to make friends, connect with people, and really disconnect from technology. I learned about how to appreciate the nature we have around us. I also learned that there is unique ecosystems all around the place, in every single city or town there is diverse plants and animals.

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