Conservation Training

Seeds of Resilience: An Idea Exchange

January 14, 2023

10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Madison, WI

How can saving seeds and growing native and traditional plants promote food sovereignty and preserve community? Join us in the James Watrous Gallery for an open conversation with local plant experts on the connections between saving seeds, preserving culture, and local resilience.

Moselle Singh, an art activist with a background in ethnobotany, will lead with a discussion of the politics of food, land, kinship, and resistance to the commodification and dilution of traditional plant cultures. Singh will be joined by Dan Cornelius of Yowela Farm, founder of the Native Food Network; Jane Stevens of Four Elements Organic Herbals; seed librarians from Madison Public Library; and community gardening advocates from Rooted, who will share their perspectives on seed-saving, native plants, traditional foods, and plant medicine. We look forward to a robust conversation about why growing native and heirloom plants is important, and how preserving traditional foods and medicines can help to build community and bolster local resilience.