Conservation Training

Restoration Success: Linking Social and Ecological Metrics

May 25, 2022

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Location: Online

Understanding why habitat restoration is, or isn't, viewed as successful is a critical piece of evaluating completed projects and garnering support for future projects. Ecological measures alone may not fully describe the success or shortcomings of restoration projects, and public perceptions of success may be based on an entirely different set of metrics. In fact, restoration metrics rarely include human dimensions even though community support for restoration can make or break potential future projects, and affect long-term success of completed ones.

Using South Slough NERR (Oregon) and other restoration projects in the region as case studies, this project deployed a three-pronged approach to understand and improve estuarine restoration outcomes, which includes synthesis of long-term monitoring data, comparisons between manager and public perceptions, and interviews to understand efficacy of ecological metrics. In this webinar, the project team will talk about their approach to understanding restoration success, summarize their findings on the values and perceptions associated with estuarine restoration, and share recommendations for including social and ecological metrics in future restoration projects.