Conservation Training

Raising Regenerative Tree-Range Poultry

August 27, 2022

Location: Northfield, MN

Chickens are versatile and serve as powerhouses in regenerating a farming system. Hop on the bus with other poultry enthusiasts to learn from Reginaldo “Regi” Haslett-Marroquín and Wil Crombie of the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance in Northfield, Minnesota. Regi and Wil will share how chickens in the “Tree-Range” system are raised in a coop and paddock system that integrates trees and perennial crops like hazelnuts and elderberries.

Content will be delivered in Spanish and English during this event, and interpretation will be provided.

See & Discuss:

Rotationally raised pastured poultry
Coop infrastructure and set-up
Perennial crop production (hazelnuts & elderberries)
Processing and marketing Tree-Range poultry