Conservation Training

Evaluating Air Quality Resource Concerns

January 25, 2022

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Location: Online

Join us as we discuss how to identify air quality resource concerns and effective mitigation strategies to address observed air quality resource concerns.

During this webinar, air quality resource concerns and resource concern components will be highlighted. The NRCS air quality resource concerns can be broadly categorized as particulate matter (such as dust or smoke) and gases that create particles in the atmosphere, greenhouse gases, odors, airborne reactive nitrogen, and ozone precursors (gases that form smog). These emissions can be produced by common agricultural sources, such as livestock and their activity; tillage, harvesting, and other field operations; irrigation engines and other combustion devices; nitrogen fertilizer use; and others. There will be an overview of the air quality resource concerns and their components, discussion of how to evaluate each component to determine if a resource concern exists, identification of the conservation practices available for addressing each resource concern component, and strategies for ensuring that air quality resource concerns are adequately addressed.