Conservation Training

44th Annual Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Convention

April 6, 2022 – April 8, 2022

Location: Stevens Point

Many times we discuss ways to manage or lessen some of the damage we have done to our lakes and rivers. Whether it be trying to control invasive species, restoring shoreland, or limiting the capture of certain fish species, we’re often playing “catch-up.” While all of those restorations and mitigation strategies are necessary, it is also important to protect our waterways that are still healthy! That’s the theme surrounding this year’s Wisconsin Lakes & Rivers Convention: Protecting What We Love for the Future. The hands-on workshops and engaging presentations during this year’s event will be centered around this theme of protecting our water resources. Our look “to the future” means we will also be focusing on success stories and recommendations of resilience, adaptation, and action in a changing climate. We will also be intentional about highlighting efforts and ideas that support diversity, equity, and inclusion in water resource protection and management. Mark your calendars and join this unique group of citizen scientists, businesses, and lake, river, and wetland professionals.