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State Interagency Training Committee

SITCOM’s Mission:  Our goal is to identify individual training needs and reinvigorate an inter-agency commitment to a coordinated and efficient approach for building a statewide team of well-trained conservation professionals that deliver best management practices for soil and water conservation.

SITCOM Members:

Chris Schlutt, Matt Krueger, and Penny Pohle (WI Land+Water)
Coreen Fallat, Peter Wurzer, Matt Woodrow, and Drew Zelle (DATCP)
Kevin Erb, Anne Nardi, and Scott Sturgul (UWEX)
Scott Mueller, Josh Odekirk, and John White (NRCS)
Mary Anne Lowndes (DNR)
Dan O’Connell (Portage Co. LCD)
Jessica Hying (MSA Professional Services)

Contact Penny Pohle at penny@wisconsinlandwater.org to receive the SITCOM newsletter and get notices on upcoming trainings.