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CAFO Engineering Webinar

Gretchen Wheat (DNR) and other DNR engineers hosted a webinar on CAFO Engineering: Plans & Specifications in February. Topics were presented by WDNR engineers actively reviewing plans for CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) subject to requirements in ch. NR 243, Wis. Adm. Code, and WPDES Permits. The target audience were those involved with engineering design and construction decisions for CAFO facilities and systems that are subject to review under ch. NR 243. This includes CAFO owners and managers, and private and public agricultural engineers and technicians, including those employed by counties, NRCS and DATCP.

View the PDFs of their presentations.

1) Introduction

2) Vegetated Treatment Areas

3) Animal Lot Runoff Control

4) Feed Storage Runoff Control

5) Evaluating Runoff Control Systems

6) Water Quality Standards

7) Pipeline Design

8) Site Assessments

9) Construction Inspections

10) Waste Storage Secondary Containment

11) Submittal Preparation