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Policy and Advocacy

WI Land+Water advocates for locally led conservation and recommends the policy that allows county-based conservation work to get done in Wisconsin.  That includes the need to maintain rigorous technical standards for conservation practices so that good work stays in place and isn’t just washed out in the next rain storm.  This effort is largely driven by WI Land+Water's Legislative Committee, which consists of multiple Land Conservation Department (LCD) staff, Land Conservation Committee (LCC) supervisors, WI Land+Water staff, and agency partners. The committee promotes the values of local control and flexibility in implementing conservation programs, including regulatory and voluntary approaches.

County-based Land and Water Resource Management Plans provide the foundation for local conservation priorities and the committee supports adequate state funding of those state-approved goals, including the staffing to implement the programs.  The committee supports comprehensive county efforts to implement state performance standards and prohibitions, including regulatory efforts. Integration of federal, state and local efforts into a seamless conservation program at the local level is a prime directive. The committee continues to explore and pursue alternative funding sources to bolster county staffing and program implementation efforts statewide, including non-bonding sources.

Recent Accomplishments

The committee has recently  been successful working both with state legislators and with the state conservation agencies to develop effective laws and administrative rules that advance conservation work across the state.  The following are highlights of the most recent year’s efforts: