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Groundwater Webinar Series

Webinar Schedule:

Ken Bradbury from Wisconsin Geological & Natural History Survey (WGNHS) will describe basic concepts relating the groundwater flow, groundwater quantity, and groundwater quality in Wisconsin.  He will also discuss the types of information available about Wisconsin’s groundwater, including maps, reports, and data sources, how to find them, and where to go for more detail.

Sarah Yang from Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) will talk about how people are exposed to nitrate, what happens to it in our bodies, and the health effects of nitrate to infants, pregnant women, and the general public. She will also highlight new resources that DHS has related to drinking water. 

​Beth Finzer and Nicki Clayton from Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Drinking Water and Groundwater program will provide information on how and where to find data and reports on Wisconsin’s public water supply systems, other water usages and water quantity monitoring statewide. The presentation will include an overview of the different types of public water systems in the state and resources to learn more about water quality and quantity.

Kevin Masarik from UW-Extension will provide an overview of groundwater monitoring approaches.  Incorporating lessons learned from his work with communities across Wisconsin, he will provide examples of different monitoring approaches.  Much of the presentation will focus on key strategies to consider when designing and implementing a groundwater monitoring program to fit local needs and future concerns. 


Do you have questions about incorporating groundwater into your county program? Contact Christina for more information or to suggest additional training ideas.