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Groundwater Reports

Statewide reports and resources

Groundwater Coordinating Council’s 2016 Report to the Legislature includes valuable sections on nitrate and pesticides

Wisconsin Groundwater Quality: Agricultural Chemicals in Wisconsin Groundwater report provides an overview of groundwater quality from the Department of Agriculture, the National Agricultural Statistics Service, and the Department of Health and Family Services. 

Nutrient Reduction Strategy is the current state initiative to reduce nutrient loading as a response to the EPA Gulf Hypoxia Action Plan. It provides statewide overview of nutrient management activities for point and non point sources. An update will be available soon.

UWSP Center for Watershed Science and Education's Guide to Organizing a Community Drinking Water Testing and Educational Program. Currently being updated to include a more researched-based approach to groundwater monitoring.

UWEX Country Acres: A Guide to Buying and Managing Rural Property. The Conservation Public Health workgroup is reviewing this 1999 packet for suggested updates and accompanying documents (such as a guide to short-term rentals).  

Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey (WGNHS) maps and data look up. Find maps and data reports for your county.