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Groundwater Data

How to find groundwater data

Public Data

Whether a large city, village, supper club out of town, or campground, if the public is being served water from your well, the owners/operators must sample and report to DNR. All of this public data is available on the DNR website to download. Though the locations of the wells are not public information, most are easily identified through zip codes and name of business. It provides a great first scan of the quality of groundwater in your county.    


Private Data

Through an extensive UW - Stevens Point private well monitoring program, sample results have been compiled into a mapping tool. Search county, township, or section to view water quality summaries at different scales. Click here for more information and to launch the viewer.

Interested in contributing private well data to the UW - Stevens Point program? Contact Kevin Masarik for more information on launching a program in your county. 


Additional Data Resources

Wisconsin DNR Surface Water Integrate Monitoring System (SWIMS)
Wisconsin Geologic and Natural History Survey 
U.S. Geological Survey Wisconsin Water Science Center
UW’s Wisconsin Water Library 
Central Wisconsin Groundwater Center