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Food, Land & Water

The Wisconsin Food, Land & Water Project invites all of us to come together, look beyond the present moment, see the big picture, and think about our shared Wisconsin resources in a more systematic and collaborative way.

Respected agriculture, business, community and environmental leaders are working together to address the daunting challenges of food production, surface water quality, groundwater quality, groundwater quantity, and farmland loss.

Through this collaboration, the project facilitated four workgroups that developed action plans, based on in-depth research and analysis of the issues. The workgroup recommendations were presented at the 2017 Food, Land and Water Conference.

Note: The report can be navigated using the table of contents (page 4), by clicking on the chapters and subsections. At the bottom right of the screen, the grid icon ("Toggle Thumbnails") is another quick page-by-page navigation tool.

The entire published project is Food, Land and Water: Moving Forward (see above). Additionally, much of the research that served as the basis of the project is published in the paper Food, Land and Water: Can Wisconsin Find Its Way?

Bound copies of both reports are available for purchase.