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Food, Land & Water Project

The Food, Land & Water Project has invited Wisconsin stakeholders of all kinds to come together and have a conversation about Wisconsin's food, land, and water resources and the human demands that affect them.  This is a chance to look beyond the present moment, see the big picture, and think about our shared resources in a more systematic and collaborative way.  The four key talking points include surface water quality, groundwater quality, groundwater quantity, and the future of Wisconsin working lands.  

The ideas, goals, recommendations and strategic actions developed over this two-year process were presented at the Food, Land & Water Conference held on October 16 and 17, 2017.  There was an exciting agenda which included presentation of the compendium of workgroup reports below.

Note: The report can be navigated by clicking the section headings in the table of contents provided on page 11.  Bound copies of this Food, Land and Water: Moving Forward are available for $30 (includes shipping) by contacting Kate Brunner at kate@wisconsinlandwater.org.

Subsequent to document printing, one additional comment letter was received from a subset of the Groundwater Quantity Workgroup related to that chapter of the report.  

Food, Land, & Water Project Documents:  

Background Readings: