What is SITCOM?

The State Interagency Training Committee (SITCOM) is a partnership effort with a mission to maintain and strengthen a statewide team of well-trained conservation professionals that carry on Wisconsin's rich history of conserving soil and water resources through a coordinated and efficient partnership.

Who Benefits from SITCOM?

All conservation professionals benefit from the efforts to collaborate and coordinate to offer training opportunities.

Who is SITCOM?

SITCOM is comprised of staff from WI Land+Water, Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), UW-Madison - Extension, Land and Water Conservation Departments (LWCD), Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the five Area Interagency Training Committees (AITCOMs), Professional Improvement Committee (PIC), Technical Committee, and the private sector.

“I have been taking advantage of the trainings provided by SITCOM for the past two years, of which I have started two different jobs in County Conservation departments. The SITCOM trainings were exactly what I needed to learn many of the conservation practices that I use to solve land and water issues.”

SITCOM offers a range of trainings, from webinars to workshops, designed to improve technical and professional skills. We send a biweekly e-newsletter about upcoming trainings to more than 1,500 conservation professionals across the state.


AITCOM-#1-Northern/Park Falls - Stacy Dehne
AITCOM-#2-NW/Altoona - Pete Wurzer
AITCOM-#3-NE/Appleton - Drew Zelle
AITCOM-#4-SW/Richland Center - Kelli Neitzel
AITCOM-#5-SE/Juneau - Justin White
Dept. Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection - Matt Woodrow, Coreen Fallat
Dept. of Natural Resources - Karl Gesch, Tom Pearce
Natural Resources Conservation Service - Beth Peterson, Pam Fiorito, Mike Stanek (comembers)
Professional Improvement Committee (PIC) - Tony Reali
Technical Committee (TC) - Dan O’Connell
UW-Madison College of Ag and Life Sciences - Mimi Broeske and Dan Marzu (comembers)
UW-Madison Division of Ext. - Kevin Erb
WI Land+Water - Michael Hook, Kelli Myers, Chris Schlutt
Member at large, professional engineering practitioner - Emily Micolichek

Current Projects

SITCOM has been busy! Check out our most recent project updates below.

Click here to see SITCOM's most recent workplan and task force efforts.

2023 Professional Conservation Training Needs Assessment Survey

Click here to take the survey! Note, the survey is currently closed, but you can still explore and complete the survey to learn more about its design and data collection efforts.

Click here to see the results from the 2023 survey!

Special thanks to all who helped design, develop, and deliver the survey!

Interagency Conservation Professional Mentor/Cohort Program

Did you know that SITCOM has been designing a mentorship program to connect conservation staff with peers and mentors from all conservation agencies and organizations across the state?

Click here to visit the program's website!

Click here to see the most recent draft of the program's operational guidance.

October Update! The operational guidance has been reviewed and approved by partner agency and department leaders, including County Land & Water Departments, NRCS, DATCP, WDNR, UW, and UW-Extension. The pilot program is set to begin accepting applications starting Monday, October 9th!

Stay tuned for more details!

Operational Guidance


This document was originally developed in November 2020 to serve as operational guidance for the State Interagency Training Committee (SITCOM). This document will be a living document; the committee will edit it as necessary to reflect current committee operations and capacity.

AITCOM Training Catalog

The five Area Interagency Training Committees (AITCOMs) are critical for meeting training needs across the state. Annually each AITCOM develops a training catalog. Check out the most recent catalog out here.

SITCOM Brochure

Learn more about SITCOM and how it can benefit you with this printable brochure.

SITCOM Annual Reports

Find out what SITCOM accomplishes annually.

2022 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report