WI Land+Water Applauds Governor Evers’ Prioritizing Conservation in 2019-21 Executive Budget

Budget includes investments in county conservation staff and cost-sharing for farmers to implement conservation practices

March 4, 2019 |

MADISON – The Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association (WI Land+Water) applauds Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’ 2019-21 Executive Budget, which provides substantial financial resources towards conservation efforts, specifically for county conservation department staffing, and cost-sharing funds for farmers and landowners. These budget initiatives will significantly boost the effectiveness of county governments in their responses to environmental crises, such as unsafe drinking water or flood mitigation, as well as their ability to assist farmers and landowners with implementing best-management practices on private lands.

“We are pleased to see Governor Evers’ Budget advancing critical priorities in support of the Year of Clean Drinking Water,” said WI Land+Water Executive Director Matt Krueger.

The Executive Budget recommends a variety of conservation initiatives, notably allocating an additional $1.4 million for county conservation staffing and support grants.

“County conservation staff are trusted professionals who offer boots-on-the-ground technical assistance to farmers and landowners, helping them achieve their objectives while protecting land and water resources,” Krueger said. “Their services are of the highest quality, but they require basic financial support; we’re encouraged to see acknowledgement of that in the Executive Budget.”

Additionally, the Budget recommends substantial investments in clean drinking water, county agricultural extension agents, and cost-sharing for agricultural conservation measures.

“The Executive Budget is a good first step, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Legislature and the Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality to further advance the conservation priorities that will ensure Wisconsin remains a great place to recreate, farm, and raise a family.”

Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association is a nonprofit organization that supports the local and statewide efforts of all county Land Conservation Committee supervisors and conservation staff across Wisconsin. It is our mission to support the county conservationists that help landowners and users meet their objectives, while protecting our common economic and environmental infrastructure – land and water resources.


Click here to view Governor Evers’ 2019-21 Executive Budget

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