Nature-Based Solutions for Wetlands and Riparian Areas

Environmental leaders in Southern Wisconsin are pursuing nature-based restore function to wetlands and riparian areas. A nature-based solution is a form of conservation that utilizes or replicates natural features to address a specific issue. In this case, beaver dam analogs will be used to reconnect floodplains and restore function to streams and riparian wetlands. 

To better understand the build process and create a few demonstration sites, we hosted a webinar and a hands-on workshop. Nature-based solutions are typically small-scale techniques with lower costs and complexity than other more traditional conservation tools, and these sessions help us determine the most effective method for restoring site-specific hydrological impairments. 

Please be aware that the webinar covers aspects of beaver mimicry in the context of restoration and response scenarios for beaver activity at the project site, but is not intended to provide participants with information on management of naturally occurring beaver infrastructure. The webinar provides some entry level material on surface and groundwater movement, although the majority of the content includes more technical details from the fields of hydrogeology and fluvial geomorphology.