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New to Conservation? Have a new role in your county? Or just looking to further your conservation understanding? Our robust training program is here to support your professional development.

Learn about Wisconsin's rich conservation history by attending our Land Conservation Committee Training, held even-numbered years through your area association meetings. These trainings provide a chance to meet with association leaders and agency partners and learn about programs that support locally-led conservation.


Learn about Wisconsin Conservation

Wisconsin has a rich conservation history, and a unique approach to current conservation efforts.

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Post to our member listservs to start a conversation with other conservation professionals across the state.

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Learn Common Acronyms

This document provides a helpful list of commonly used acronymns.

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Attend Trainings

Expand your conservation understanding through our wide range of trainings.

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Missing a training? Have questions about a specific topic? Browe our curated selection of recorded webinars in on-demand training library.

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