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Technical Committee

The 2013 Fall Technical Tour featured a robotic-milking, intensive grazing operation, a large dairy compost facility, and a 50-acre ginseng operation.

The WI Land+Water Technical Committee provides an opportunity for technical staff and other WI Land+Water members to meet, discuss and evaluate land conservation related technical issues with their peers, share experiences and lessons learned, and solve common problems and/or improve technical services. This includes, but is not limited to, conservation planning, inventory, evaluation and modeling tools, technical certification, conservation practice design and implementation, and sponsoring technical workshops or tours. This Committee may also coordinate county review comments on draft technical standards that are produced by other agencies and organizations through the Standards Oversight Council (SOC) process or other means. The Committee may create Subcommittees to focus on specific technical issues or programs. The Committee is authorized to issue position statements on behalf of the Association on technical issues within guiding principles approved by the WI Land+Water Board of Directors.

Current Committee Members:
  • Matt Hanewall, Committee Chair, La Crosse Co. LCD
  • Matt Albright, Vernon Co. L&WD
  • Ben Dufford, Bayfield Co. LWCD
  • Shawn Esser, Dane Co. LWCD
  • Paul Frederich, Kewaunee Co. LWCD
  • Brian Goepfert, Juneau Co. LCD
  • Mike Haase, Winnebago Co. LWCD
  • Paul Klose, Marinette Co. LWCD
  • Bob Micheel, Monroe Co. LCD
  • Dan O'Connell, Portage Co. LCD
  • Paul Sebo, Washington Co. LWCD
  • Jennifer Thieme, WI Land+Water

Committee Advisors:

  • Mike Gilbertson, DNR
  • Matthew Woodrow, DATCP

The WI Land+Water Technical Committee shall be comprised of conservation department staff representing each area with no maximum to foster participation, and encourages representation from Land Conservation Committee (LCC) Members.  There shall be a maximum of two votes per area; however the Technical Committee generally operates under consensus for decisions. 


For more information, you can contact the Committee Chair:

Matt Hanewall, Chair
La Crosse County Department of Land Conservation
(608) 785-9867

You may contact all the members of the Technical Committee by emailing technical@wisconsinlandwater.org

Technical Photo Gallery

The Technical Photo Gallery was designed to share engineering achievements and potential solutions for unique sites. This is a resource to view and share your and others' best work with getting conservation on the ground. Click here to visit the Gallery, view photos and information relevant to your situations, and submit your own photos so others can learn from your experiences.

2017 Fall Technical Tour 

Every fall, the Technical Committee hosts an educational tour that highlights various conservation practices or issues around the state.

This year's Fall Technical Tour will be hosted by Sheboygan County on Thursday, October 12, 9am - 2pm. CLICK HERE for more details and registration. Tour stops include:

- Majestic Crossing Dairy: A CAFO constructing an ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis system to concentrate nutrients into 30% fo the original manure volume while recovering 70% of the original volume as clean water.

- Lake Orchard Aquaponics: A producer of freshwater tilapia and vegetables from a systainable, symbiotic ecosystem.

- Phosphorus Removal System on a Large Agricultural Tile Drain: Phase I of a two-phase project to reduce dissolved phosphorus within a 260-acre sub-watershed of Elkhart Lake. This phase includes an iron filter system designed to remove 70-80% of dissolved phosphorus from drain tile discharge. Phase II will include a secondary treatment tank installed on a conventional private onsite wastewater treatment system.

- Click here to view map.

Meeting Schedule

Guiding Principles

1. Promote the integration of technical methods and procedures used by Federal, State, and local conservation programs and agencies.

2. Work with, and provide input and support to, WI Land+Water Committees on technical issues.

3. Approve appointments to non-WI Land+Water committees that are technical in nature.

4. Encourage development of Technical Standards based on sound engineering practices and field research through SOC process.

5. Assist with the development, distribution, and review of Technical Standards before they are adopted or published.

6. Promote a fair and consistent technical certification process that incorporates the demonstrated knowledge, training, and experience of conservation staff.

7. Promote site inventory and conservation planning tools that are easy to use and account for the wide variety of Wisconsin landscapes.

8. Promote the development of technical guidance documents to assist field staff with planning, designing, and implementing conservation practices.

9. Promote tracking and reporting tools that are easy to use and measure actual implementation of program goals and objectives.

The WI Land+Water Technical Committee will oppose any effort that is in conflict with any of these principles.