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Southeast Area Land and Water Conservation Association

President:  Perry Lindquist, Land Resources Manager, Waukesha Co. LRD
Vice President:  Charlene Staples, Walworth Co. LCC
Treasurer:  Andy Holschbach, Director, Ozaukee County LWMD
Secretary:  Chad Sampson, County Conservationist, Racine County LCD
Area Coordinator:  Gary Korb, Regional Planning Educator, SEWRPC

Representatives to WI Land+Water Board of Directors:
LCD representative - Allan Barrows, Waukesha Co. LRD
LCC representative - Monte Osterman, Racine County LCC
LCD alternate representative - Shannon Haydin, Walworth Co. LURM
LCC alternate representative - Rick Bauzenberger, Ozaukee Co. Natural Res. Com.

Approved minutes:  June 9, 2016