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North Central Area Land and Water Conservation Association

President:  David Solin, Langlade County
Vice President and Area Coordinator:  Molly McKay, Langlade County
Treasurer:  Carolyn Scholl, Vilas  County
Secretary:  Tracy Arnold, Wood County

Upcoming meeting:  February 9, 2018

Past Minutes:  June 23, 2015; February 14, 2016; March 2, 2016; May 25, 2016; August 11, 2016; February 10, 2017; March 15, 2017; May 25, 2017

Pictures from 2015 Summer Tour in Lincoln County:

County ParkFarm Visit, Sara Park 

Picture from 2016 Summer Tour in Marathon County:

Joe and Christy Tomandl organic dairy farm  For more picturess, go to the WI Land+Water+Media website at http://wislandwatermedia.org/photo-gallery/