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Mississippi River Basin Committee

The Mississippi River Basin Committee is the newest committee and is still in the process of preparing guiding principals and goals. If you are interested in becoming a member of this committee, please contact Rodney Webb at rodney.webb@co.pierce.wi.us

Members include:

Rodney Webb, Pierce County LCD (Chair)
Jim Arch, Clark County LCD
Chase Cummings, Pepin County LCD
Dave Ferris, Burnett County LWCD
Tom Fratt, Ashland County LWCD
Dan Masterpole, Chippewa County CFM
Gaylord Olson, Jackson County LCD
Dan Prestebak, Dunn County LCD
Gregg Stangl, La Crosse County DLC
Ben Wojahn, Vernon County LWCD
Tyler Gruetzmaker, Barron County SWCD
Carrie Olson, Buffalo County LRD
Tom Schultz, Buffalo County LRD
Liz Fagen, Eau Claire County LCD
Don Koerner, Clark County LCC
Dwight Jelle, Pepin County LCC
Kate Brunner, WI Land+Water 

Minutes:  July 21, 2016