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To post a job here, please contact Chris Schlutt at chris@wisconsinlandwater.org.


Land Use Planner

Monroe Co. LCD is seeking a Land Use Planner. View the job notice and position description. Apply by Dec. 7.

Stream Monitoring Program Coordinator

The Rock River Coalition is hiring a Stream Monitoring Program Coordinator to run our award-winning citizen stream monitoring program. Questions can be directed to Patricia Cicero at patricia[at]rockrivercoalition.org or 920-674-7121. Review of applicants will start on Dec. 10, 2018 and continue until the position is filled.

County Suveyor

Vernon County has created a County Surveyor Position, which is part of the Land & Water Conservation Department. This will be a unique, diverse, and exciting position with an emphasis on County Surveyor position, but will also be intertwined with Parks, Forests, Dams, and Conservation! Apply by Nov. 21. 

Stormwater Engineer →

The Dane County Land and Water Resources Department is currently recruiting for a full-time Stormwater Engineer. Apply by Nov. 16.

Resources Management Administrator →

St. Croix County has a Resource Management Administrator vacancy currently. Apply by Nov. 25.  

Technical Training and Certification Program Coordinator →

This position is responsible for coordination and administration of the Technical Training and Certification Program for the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources and the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Please contact Jenny Gieseke for more information or for a copy of the position description at jenny.gieseke[at]state.mn.us. Apply by Nov. 26.

Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator →

Washington County, located in West Bend, has a great opportunity awaiting for you in the Planning and Parks Department as an AIS Coordinator.  This unique position is shared 50% with Waukesha County through an Intergovernmental Cooperative Agreement. 

Conservation Technician →

Walworth Co. LURM is seeking a Conservation Technician. The position closes Friday Nov. 8, but if we get individuals interested that cannot meet the deadline, they can let me know and we can keep it open for another week to ensure we have the best candidate pool. I have heard that some potential candidates have been deterred from applying because they do not have the soil tester/POWTS certification and, for some newly graduated students, they do not have three years of experience. The certifications can be obtained on the job and the county will pay for training and testing to obtain the certification. As to the three years of experience, any combination of internships/research, etc. can be considered. Contact Shannon Haydin at the Walworth Co. Land Use & Resource Management Dept. to discuss.

Research Fellow

The Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center (MAISRC) seeks to support a Research Fellow that will develop creative and promising solutions for population-level control of zebra mussels in Minnesota lakes.

Executive Director →

Wisconsin Waterfowl Assoc. seeks an Executive Director. Interviews will begin in December of 2018 and this position will be filled by January 1, 2019.

Environmental Programs Director

NEW Water is hiring an Environmental Programs Director.  To apply and for a complete position description, salary, and benefits information, go to www.newwater.us.  Also, check out the job posting for more information.

Agronomist/Conservation Planner →

Outagamie County is accepting applications for an Agronomist/Conservation Planner. Interested candidates should visit the link above to learn more or apply today!  Please feel free to contact our Human Resources Recruiter, Mark Cochrane at 920-832-1669 or Mark.Cochrane[at]outagamie.org for additional information.