Conservation Training

Wisconsin Chapter of the Wildlife Society Winter Meeting

March 7, 2022 – March 10, 2022

Location: Online

The Upper Mississippi River:

Partners, Restoration, and Research

  • The Mississippi River is both a nationally significant ecosystem and navigation system.
  • Learn how a multi-agency partnership is planning and implementing successful river restoration projects
  • Hear from biologists, researchers and educators that work on the Mississippi.
  • Join us for a Mississippi River Roundup where we showcase, “Resiliency in a Dynamic Large River System”

Midwest Furbearer Management:

Past, Present and Future

  • Listen to nationally renowned biologists on the forefront of furbearer management in the state of Wisconsin
  • Learn about research and management of grey fox, badger and nuisance beaver populations
  • Discuss beaver's impacts on trout streams, the conservation American marten and climate impacts on furbearers.
  • Join us for a conversation on all things furbearer