Conservation Training

What if they come and you have not built it yet? The real possibility of climate driven migration into Wisconsin.

June 16, 2022

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Location: Online

People have different opinions about climate change, but we see daily news about regions around our country which are struggling with fires, drought, water scarcity, storm damage, and rising sea levels. Wisconsin and the Great Lakes Region do not experience many of these disasters due to location and milder impacts from climate change. We believe at some point this will cause people to migrate into the Great Lakes region, at first as a choice and later out of necessity. This can pose a once in history opportunity to repopulate and grow Wisconsin Communities, but these benefits will "not just happen".

What would it look like for a Wisconsin Community to get itself ready? Are the citizens actually welcoming to new arrivals? What are the implications for infrastructure, schools, jobs? What would it take to turn your community into a climate destination? These are among the many questions "Futures of Choice" is looking to explore. Join us for a first look at this future shaping effort led by Oliver Buechse and Paul Linzmeyer.