Conservation Training

Treating Tile Drainage with Farm-Scale Constructed Wetlands

March 16, 2022

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Location: Online

In the webinar, “Tile Flows, Backhoes and Microbes: Constructed Wetlands for Subsurface Drainage Treatment,” Kostel will discuss the siting, design and implementation of constructed tile-treatment wetlands that use the naturally occurring wetland functions and processes to capture and remove nutrients from tile flow. Showcasing farm-based Illinois NRCS 656 constructed wetlands, she will discuss how appropriately sited and designed wetlands serve a key role in supporting profitable farming operations while addressing nitrogen loss. In addition, Kostel will highlight the nutrient reductions observed through research conducted on two constructed wetlands in Illinois.

“Reducing nitrogen loads in water leaving tile drainage systems is of critical importance to water quality efforts and often the use of constructed wetlands is underutilized practice,” said Kostel. “The implementation of these structures has not only proven to leverage the natural and sustainable removal of nutrients, but they also provide other benefits such as climate resiliency, wildlife habitat and recreation opportunities. I hope to participants in this webinar will leave with a better understanding of this effective practice and will take constructed wetlands into consideration as a part of their conservation planning.”