Conservation Training

Think on Your Feet

March 17, 2022

11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Location: Online

Our professional lives are full of situations outside of our control:

  • A job interviewer asks a question out of left field.
  • A coworker puts you on the spot in front of the boss.
  • Your PowerPoint presentation crashes at a critical moment.

Most people react to the unexpected with anxiety and unease. We get rattled, stumble over our words, and overthink the situation.

Others, though, handle it with self-assurance and aplomb. They gain a sense of empowerment and energy when the pressure is on.

Like great improv actors, they’re able to think on their feet.

The great thing is, improv isn’t about winging it or flying by the seat of your pants. Improv at its core is about listening and responding. It’s based on rules and techniques, and it taps directly into your soft communication skills.

By incorporating it into your prep work for professional situations, you’ll learn how to retrain your brain for the unexpected and get out of your own way in those unexpected―and expected―professional situations.

In this webinar you will learn (Learning Objectives):

  • How to nurture your personal style for communicating in every professional situation.
  • Effective listening in the office.
  • Tips for giving presentations and leading meetings.
  • How to negotiate a raise, ace an interview, and more!

Get ready to start communicating with confidence and stop letting the unexpected hold you back.

Take your workplace communication―and your career―to the next level by mastering the art of Thinking on Your Feet.