Conservation Training

Spurring Action on Climate Change through Artistic Engagement

February 16, 2022

12:00 pm – 1:15 pm
Location: Online

Join us as speakers Dianne Brakarsh, Russ Bennett, and John Greenler discuss 350 Madison Arts Collective. 350 Madison climate change activists find that bringing art and live dance into their communications can significantly increase turnout and engagement. This is true with issues ranging from stopping tar-sands oil pipelines, to raising awareness on how the fossil fuel industry is funded. The 350 Madison Arts Collective has been known to show up to perform mock weddings, Broadway-style dances, and to perform as communities of environmentally threatened animals. Behind the fun is a serious effort to mobilize people to take action on climate change and work toward a just and clean energy future.

Our 2022 Climate & Energy Series continues to explore how Wisconsin leaders are moving beyond incrementalism to transformational action that communicates clear messages. These conversations are designed to foster discussion and peer learning among experts, practitioners, and climate-concerned community members regarding local solutions to global environmental challenges. Join us for these virtual discussions to build a collective sense of purpose, knowledge, and action as we face the many challenges of our time.