Conservation Training

Seeds of Resilience: An Idea Exchange

December 14, 2022

10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Location: James Watrous Gallery • 201 State Street • Madison

How can saving seeds and growing native plants promote food sovereignty and preserve community? Join us at the James Watrous Gallery for an open conversation with local plant experts on the connections between saving seeds, community-building, and local resilience.

This free, public event hosted in conjunction with exhibits by Richard Moninski and Joseph Mougel brings together local Wisconsin plant lovers and experts for informal conversation on the significance of growing native and heirloom plants and how saving seeds can help preserve important foods and medicines while simultaneously building community and local resilience. Joseph Mougel will share a few remarks about his exhibit Herbarium, after which ethnobotanist Moselle Singh will lead a conversation about the politics of food, land, and people. The event will be tabled by local gardening, herbalism, and environmental organizations to share their knowledge about seed-saving, gardening, native plants, and plant medicine. Light refreshments will be provided, along with a variety of other resources from partners to enrich the conversation.