Conservation Training

Restoring wetland amphipods to revive wetland habitats

January 13, 2023

10:30 am – 11:30 am
Location: Online

Amphipods are important wetland invertebrates that indicate water quality and healthy aquatic plant habitats and are a key food for waterfowl. Our research will describe new findings relating amphipods to plant diversity, nuisance wetland fishes, insecticide contamination, and waterfowl wetland use. We also share our experimental attempts to ‘stock’ or do ‘conservation translocation’ of amphipods as a wetland restoration tool. Dr. Danelle Larson is a federal research ecologist and the aquatic vegetation monitoring lead for the Upper Mississippi River Restoration Program. She documents how aquatic plant communities are structured and why as well as the influences of plants on other aspects of the ecosystem. Her research has spanned a variety of aquatic ecosystems to provide the best available science to inform the management and restoration of wildlife habitats.