Conservation Training

Regenerative Livestock Farming

August 6, 2022

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Location: Harvard, IL

Learn how Wanda Farm operates effectively through trust and transparency. Take a tour; talk soil health, marketing, and agritourism. See how they manage their grassfed operations through land, livestock, and environment, while emphasizing positive impact to nutritional health.

In 2018, Joe and Hannah Wanda purchased a 77 acre farm to help provide the local community's families a better source of meat. Recognizing the lack of trust between the food industry and the consumer, we are on a mission to transform agriculture by producing wholesome, nutrient dense food using regenerative farming practices and build trust with our consumer by being transparent about our farm, and positively impact their family’s nutritional health. We expect our products to be nutrient rich to nourish your body. We expect our products to be convenient to purchase. And we also want to have a relationship with you, so you can feel at ease knowing your farmer.