Conservation Training

Queer Farmer Convergence

September 3, 2022 – September 5, 2022

Location: Decorah, IA

Humble Hands Harvest (an Iowa-based worker-owned co-op farm) has hosted an annual Queer Farmer Convergence since 2018. It was conceived as a gathering to interrupt racist, capitalist, colonialist, and heteropatriarchal legacies in U.S. agriculture, while building community and alternatives among queer farmers who might experience isolation in those intersecting identities. The gathering is for all queer folk who identify as current, lapsed, or aspiring farmers / agriculturalists of any kind!

This gathering is in rural Iowa, primarily because it first emerged out of a group of friends who are located here and had capacity to host. The QFC is a largely outdoor, scrappy on-farm gathering where attendees will be camping, sharing food made by Blazing Star Eats (a queer Decorah based local food biz), and spending the days attending scheduled sessions including opportunities to make art, get your hands dirty, and offering and participating in workshops.