Conservation Training

NW Graziers Network: Multi-Enterprise Pasture Walk

July 29, 2023

10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Luck, WI

The NW Wisconsin Graziers Network and UW-Madison Extension invite you to a multi-enterprise pasture walk hosted by Anathoth Community Farm near Luck in Polk County on Saturday, July 29 from 10:00AM-12Noon. This educational event will emphasize bee and pollinator habitat, multi-species direct marketing, grazing and meat production, regenerative agriculture and watershed protection.

The Anathoth Community Farm is home to Mike Miles, Barb Kass, and their extended family. They raise fully pastured beef, poultry, and pork and do retail sales directly to customers. The farm consists of about 60 acres on gently rolling lighter soils with pastures and wooded areas. Using temporary polywire fencing and portable animal paddocks, Miles moves animals up to three times per day, thereby creating better soil health, water infiltration and diversified animal nutrition. Short term high stocking density grazing, out-wintering beef cattle and bale grazing will be discussed along with answering any and all questions from pasture walk participants.

The farm has established key-line swales to harvest melted snow and rain water run-off which could otherwise cause erosion. The swale borders are planted with various perennials both trees and shrubs. Forages are grown in the alleys. Silvopasturing include both partial clearing for grazing and establishment of trees in existing pastures.

A newly developed pollinator garden is being established and honey bee production will be discussed. The farm features rotational beef grazing, pastured poultry, layers, broilers, and ducks, pastured hogs, and solar power that supplies electricity to the grid. The farm also uses a three-point, no-till seeder to inter-seed forage mixes and cover crops in heavy use areas.