Conservation Training

Minnesota Stormwater Seminar and Research Spotlight Series

May 18, 2023

10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Online

The Minnesota Stormwater Seminar Series provides an opportunity to learn about the most recent research, discoveries and case studies around urban stormwater management specifically for an audience of stormwater practitioners and professionals. Seminars include a presentation, panel discussion and Q&A with participants. The seminar series in 2023 will feature a new evolution and growth that includes three elements:

  1. National scholar presentations and panels highlighting what they’ve learned and how they’ve pushed the boundaries in the stormwater arena.
  2. Results from Minnesota Research Council projects.
  3. Stormwater practice and management approaches. The seminars will continue to be led by SAFL and the WRC and welcome the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency as a collaborator.