Conservation Training

Incorporating Conservation Planning in Farmland Leasing

March 9, 2022

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Location: Online

In the webinar, “Farmland Leasing Considerations in Conservation Systems Adoption,” Johanns will highlight tools and materials available to aid in making informed decisions regarding conservation practices which can protect and sometimes improve land value, protect natural ecosystems and often increase performance and profitability. She will also offer insights to help tenants and landowners cooperatively negotiate land use and management agreements. In addition, the webinar will provide participants with tools for planning and implementing sustainable conservation systems on land they own or rent.

“Whether you are a renting agricultural producer or landowner, understanding conservation practices that can improve land value and performance should be fundamental considerations for achieving economic and environmental goals,” said Johanns. “Implementation of conservation practices is vital for long-term sustainability of Iowa farmland. And, with over half of Iowa farmland under some form of rental agreement, being equipped with relevant information about conservation practices can facilitate collaborative efforts and if appropriate, inclusion of conservation plans in farmland leases.”