Conservation Training

Habitat Management and Monitoring

December 8, 2021

12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Location: Online

This workshop will provide practitioners with technical guidance for the successful stewardship of habitat including what to expect and recommended management actions over time. This module will also provide a better understanding of the importance of monitoring to evaluate the success or need to adapt management plans, as well as include specific monitoring methodologies.

TOPIC 1: Long-term management considerations and strategies.
Dan Zay, State Resource Conservationist, USDA/NRCS

TOPIC 2: Disturbance, prescribed fire, and the importance of managing succession.
Joe Robb, Ph.D., Project Lead, USFWS, Big Oaks and Muscatatuck Nation Wildlife Refuge Complex
Quanit Ali, Wildlife Biologist, USFWS, Necedah National Wildlife Refuge
Angela VanWinden, Wildlife Refuge Specialist, USFWS, Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge

TOPIC 3: The importance of monitoring: Incorporating the Integrated Monarch Monitoring Program (IMMP) into Your Project.
Jennifer Thieme, Science Coordinator, Monarch Joint Venture