Conservation Training

Great Lakes Stream Crossing Inventory 2021

January 25, 2022

9:00 am – 10:00 am
Location: Online

If you have ever questioned whether an undersized culvert can influence how many fish you catch in your favorite trout stream, or if a culvert aligned more effectively could minimize spring road flooding, the answer is yes!

Last year, the Oneida County Land Conservation Department prioritized 105 stream crossings in Western Oneida County. They collected data on fish passability, culvert condition, and stream crossing erosion at each site. This year, LWCD continued their work at 90 additional stream crossings in six towns in Southeastern Oneida County: Crescent, Enterprise, Monico, Pelican, Piehl, and Schoepke.

The results of this most recent survey are now complete and scheduled to be presented. Join Oneida County’s JoAnne Lund, River Grant Specialist, for an in-depth look at what was found. In addition, new information on the River Mussel Monitoring Pilot Study will be shared! Town officials, road crews, and all who care about Oneida County rivers and streams are encouraged to attend this FREE workshop.