Conservation Training

Defining the footprint of sediment in green stormwater infrastructure

December 14, 2023

10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Online

While green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) has been shown to be an effective solution for stormwater management, they are also highly dynamic due to their spatial variability and living nature. This poses new challenges for urban drainage design, maintenance, and system performance through time, particularly for bioinfiltration GSI. Capture of fine sediments at the surface of the GSI can reduce infiltration due to clogging, while erosion of GSI media, associated with high velocity flows, can erode areas and add to the transport of granular material through the GSI. The movement of sediment is also tied to the fate of pollutants within the GSI. The impact of fines and nutrients, and their effect on bioretention performance, depends on flow velocity and the GSI media. Understanding how the erosive capability, media characteristics, and movement of sediment relate to each other within GSI can help inform design and predict maintenance needs associated with erosion and deposition.