Conservation Training

Clean Lakes 101: Yahara CLEAN Strategic Plan 3.0

October 20, 2021

8:00 am – 9:00 am
Location: Online

The Yahara River Watershed contributes significantly to the region’s economic vitality and quality of life. Despite years of investment in water quality improvements, the watershed’s five lakes remain highly eutrophic, and intensifying climate impacts threaten to further deteriorate water quality.

The Yahara CLEAN Compact, a diverse coalition of 19 organizations and agencies, seeks to improve and protect regional water quality by strengthening community partnerships and uniting around shared, measurable goals. This presentation by the consultant team of SmithGroup and Urban Assets will describe the process and recommendations of the Yahara CLEAN Compact’s 3.0 Plan, a strategic playbook developed through community input for reducing phosphorus and bacteria in the lakes.

The plan outlines a comprehensive series of strategies to improve water quality and defines key roles and responsibilities of various landowners and managers within the watershed for contributing to healthier lakes. Everyone has a role to play. Register for this presentation to learn what you can do to restore cleaner lakes.