Conservation Training

Civil 3D Training and Workshop

March 26, 2024

9:00 am – 2:30 pm
Location: Dodge County Administration Building

A day of going through Civil 3D. We’ll go over the basics and not so basics as well as what should be included in construction plans when using Civil 3D. Feel free to bring a laptop if you’d like to follow along on your own computer. If you have anything specific you’d like to cover please let us know.

Topics we'll try to get through:

  • General tips/tricks
  • Working with LIDAR and survey points
  • Surface editing
  • Creating a waterway, diversion, embankment using corridors
  • Profiles and how to show crossings or other points of interest on them
  • Using feature lines and grading to make embankments, ponds, and structures
  • Construction plan development
  • Where are standard drawings, help sheets, etc?
  • Creating a point list
  • General helpful tips: creating fields, viewports, fade background, etc.

Lunch: Limited options in Juneau

If you are having trouble with the registration form, please email