Conservation Training

Chippewa County Groundwater and Nitrate Presentation

September 6, 2023

7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Location: Cadott, WI

Chippewa County Farmers Union invites all farmers to join for lunch and presentation from Kevan Klingberg, Program Agronomist with Chippewa County Land Conservation and Forest Management Department, about the 10 year study on groundwater nitrates and it's impact on farmland and farmers.

Chippewa County has a long history of testing rural drinking water wells. Nitrate nitrogen is a main contaminant found in local drinking water. Characteristics of our local geology, groundwater aquifers, and soil types all influence the likelihood that nitrate N could leach below the crop root zone. Chippewa County contracted with the UW Stevens Point Center for Watershed Science and Education to investigate sources and occurrence of nitrate in groundwater. Kevan Klingberg will present a summary of the study: Chippewa County Nitrate Occurrence and Source Investigation (study conducted by K. Masarek and team, June 2023).