Conservation Training

Bog Walk

June 14, 2023

Location: Northern WI

Susan Knight from UW Trout Lake Station will lead this bog adventure, starting with an introduction to the plants common in our bogs but unusual elsewhere in the Northwoods. We will see carnivorous plants, such as sundew and pitcher plants, as well as bladderworts in the pond. We will see many of the common bog shrubs including leatherleaf, bog laurel and bog rosemary. If we are lucky, we may see some orchids, pod grass and cranberries. We will talk about the lowly sphagnum moss and how it truly rules the bog, and finish with a discussion of peat and its amazing ability to preserve the past. Our bog walk will be an oozy affair, so be sure to wear boots or shoes you don’t mind getting wet or just go barefoot. Register with Karla at or 715-358-5667.