Conservation Training

Black Sustainability Summit

October 16, 2021

Location: Online

​We are unapologetically committed to Sustainable, Liberated, Lifelong Learning Communities for people of Afrikan Descent. We envision Afrikan people living in sovereign communities dedicated to returning to the ways of our Ancestors living in harmony with nature, growing our own food and using the natural energies of air, fire, water and the earth to thrive.

We invite you to support our mission to mobilize committed people to exchange knowledge, implement skills and pool our resources to build sustainable communities throughout the Afrikan diaspora and the continent.

Our goal is to create interrelationships between Afrikans working across sustainability field and/or living in sustainable communities with those novices willing and ready to make the necessary sacrifice to create or become a part of a sustainable community.

Let's collectively bridge the communication gap between those already working in sustainable communities globally.