Conservation Training

Biodiverse Backyards for Pollinators

January 4, 2022

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Location: Online

Scientists have been alerting us for decades about climate crisis and species decline. The western monarch population dropped more than 99% since the 1980s. In less than a single lifetime, North America has lost more than one in four of its birds and half of wild animal species. Major drivers of decline are pesticide contamination and loss of habitat. Let’s discuss the what and why, and find out what we can do to help mitigate pollinator decline in our world and in our own backyards.

Laurie Schneider can’t sit still and do nothing while she holds witness to the natural world declining, so she founded Pollinator Friendly Alliance in 2014. Laurie is a conservation organizer and Director of Pollinator Friendly Alliance based in the St. Croix River Valley. She supervised multiple research studies on pesticide effects on pollinators for the U of MN and is an advisor for the Minnesota State Lawns to Legumes program. PFA helps communities reduce pesticide use, teaches ecologically sound land management and pollinator conservation. Their goals include increasing biodiverse habitat 400 acres by 2024 and extending their audience for their popular Best Practices for Pollinators Summit across the U.S.

Free & Open to the public! This 45 minute presentation will be followed with discussion.