Conservation Training

Biochar and Manure Amendments on Cover Crops to Improve Soil Health and Moisture Regime

November 7, 2023

11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Webinar

How are soil health, nutrient cycling, and water dynamics influenced by organic manure and biochar in cover cropping systems? This webinar discusses different management strategies designed to deal with droughty weather and a short growing season, which challenge cover crop integration.

A 3-year study is underway in South Dakota to demonstrate that cover crops combined with organic amendments can be successfully integrated into dry land no-tillage cropping systems. The goals of project are to (1) introduce new management practices to mitigate the effects of moisture stress and build climate resilience in moisture-limited dryland production systems, (2) provide knowledge on alternative cropping system management strategies to improve ecosystem productivity and sustainability, and (3) promote the adoption of cover cropping in these systems, which is currently constrained by limited precipitation and lack of effective techniques to conserve moisture.

Join us and learn how adding biochar and/or manure to cover cropped fields may help improve soil water holding capacity and soil carbon sequestration while reducing runoff, evaporation, nutrient loss, and greenhouse gas emissions.