Conservation Training

Aquatic Invasive Species Training for Invasive Snails

June 25, 2023

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Location: Mt. Vernon, WI

In 2021 – 2022, invasive New Zealand mudsnails were found for the first time on several Dane County streams: Token Creek, Elvers Creek, and Fryes Feeder. In response, Rock River Coalition, in partnership with Upper Sugar River Watershed Association, River Alliance of Wisconsin, and WDNR, is recruiting volunteers to search for the snails at nearby stream and river access points to determine how far the snails have spread. Collecting data about the snails’ population will help focus efforts aimed at preventing them from spreading further.

Snail searches will happen once per summer and are estimated to take 30 minutes to an hour per site. Volunteers can search for snails whenever is convenient for them, and supplies are provided.

Even if you don’t officially volunteer, you can still help by keeping an eye out for New Zealand mudsnails on whatever streams, rivers, or lakes you visit. Learn more about how to identify New Zealand mudsnails here. If you think you have found New Zealand mudsnails in a new location, collect a few snails in a plastic bag, freeze them, and email

Remember that New Zealand mudsnails and other invasive species can be spread to new waterbodies by our waders, boats, and other gear. Do your part by cleaning off your equipment after every use! Learn more about how to clean your equipment here.