Conservation Training

Animal Production Systems

June 11, 2024

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Location: Virtual

Animal production systems include agricultural practices that involve breeding and raising animals for meat, eggs, milk, and other animal products such as leather, wool, fur, and industrial products like glue or oils. Chapter 4 of USDA’s entity-scale methods report provides methodologies and guidance for reporting operation-scale GHG emissions associated with the breeding and housing of animals, and the management of their manure. USDA-ARS lead author Dr. April Leytem and Washington State University Professor Kris Johnson will provide a comprehensive overview of the quantification methods included in this chapter, how those methods have changed in the 2nd edition of the report, and avenues to fill research and data gaps associated with quantifying GHG emissions from animal production systems. Crystal Toureene, a COMET developer and researcher at Colorado State University will join us to discuss how updates in the 2024 entity-scale methods report will be reflected in updates to the COMET-Farm livestock module.